Silk Road Mountain Race 2021 / Day 6

As the sun slowly rises, I’m still slowly making my way towards Tash Rabat pass. The skies are clear and the temperature rises steadily. In my misfortune, I’ve been lucky enough that it didn’t drop too much during the night. At this altitude, it can easily go down to -10°C. I made it through theContinue reading “Silk Road Mountain Race 2021 / Day 6”

Silk Road Mountain Race 2021 / Day 5

I wake up in my comfy bed just 5 minutes before breakfast, get dressed and head straight to the buffet. Ample amounts of coffee, crepes, all sorts of pastries, bread and eggs: I down as much food as I can in the least amount of time possible. While doing it, I exchange a few messagesContinue reading “Silk Road Mountain Race 2021 / Day 5”

The essence of biketouring III

July 13, 2014. While almost everyone is impatiently awaiting the World Cup final, I set off from Banff, Canada (where I landed the day before), with the objective of reaching the Mexican border in 5 weeks at the most. Why 35 days? Simply because after that I have to go back to work. This adventureContinue reading “The essence of biketouring III”