French Divide

2270km of gravel roads and singletrack paths from the Northern most point in France all the way to the Basque Country, near the spanish border.

The premier bikepacking race in France and my absolute favorite in Europe.

I set a new course record in 8 days 9 hours and 41 minutes.

Silk Road

A 16.000km, 3 months long journey between Paris and Taiwan, across Europe, Central Asia and China.
It’s the big one. The one I spent many years dreaming about, until I gathered enough courage to undertake such a gigantic and intimidating endeavour.
It started from my doorstep a took me across 18 countries, over many mountain passes, in temperatures ranging from -5 to 40°C. Dusty deserts, snow capped peaks, great lonely plains, high plateaus, lush valleys; the landscapes were increbibly various and enchanting.

Three Peaks bike race

From Vienna, in Eastern Austria, to Nice, in the south of France, with three checkpoints located at the top of three legendary passes and a mandatory final 500 km-route through the Provence: this is the Three Peaks Bike Race. Between the checkpoints, the choice of route is yours, I plotted mine with komoot. The three iconic passes are the Großglockner in Austria, the Col de Sanetsch in Switzerland and Mont Ventoux in France.

Atlas Mountain Race

The inaugural Atlas Mountain Race. 1200km from Marrakech to Sidi R’bat in the dry, sun-scorched, rocky mountains of Morocco. Endless climbs, treacherous descents, a couple of lush oasis here and there. And overall one of the hardest races I’ve ever done.

I raced for 4 days with barely any sleep to finish first. My biggest victory to date.

Inca Divide

The Inca Divide is a 1675km epic bikepacking race across the Andes Mountains of Peru. It is the flagship event of the well-established BikingMan series.

Scarce resupply points, very high altitude, extreme temperatures, broken roads make this race particularly challenging

Of all the events I have taken part in, it stands out for the sheer beauty of the landscapes it traverses. From spectacular canyons to snow capped peaks, deep blue lakes and forgotten villages, it is a unique voyage in the heart of South America.

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